pin up of the week: kimberly katwell

When you began to be interested by the pin up style?

#1 I've always loved the pinup/rockabilly style but only in the last year that I have submerged myself in the culture. It all started with a pinup pageant & winning 1st place for my category. And joining a group of gals called The Luscious Ladies.

What can not miss the wardrobe of a pin up?

#2 I don't feel that my pinup look is complete without a hair flower or red lips.

What is your biggest inspiration?

#3 My pinup inspiration comes form both classic pinups like Marilyn Monroe & Bettie Page & modern day pinups like Sabina Kelley & Micheline Pitt.

Your hair and your makeup, it's you who does?

#4 I am a licensed cosmetologist so I do my own make up & hair most of the time. But sometimes for photo shoots I will have it done.

Have you suffered any prejudice, to be a pin-up?

#5 I wouldn't say I have suffered any prejudice per say but I have had to learn to not let negative comments bother me. When you are putting yourself out there you do open yourself up to all kinds of comments so you have to learn to take the bad with the good. But fortunately you get 100 nice comments to every 1 negative so the good far out weighs the bad. 

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